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Driving Culture towards your Company’s Identity

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

To understand how to drive culture towards your company’s identity you must first breakdown what culture and identity are and how they relate to your specific company.

For our company we defined culture as those habitual things you do and communicate internally amongst the company and externally to everyone else. It’s the things you become known for. It is the things that are expected by personnel within the company and those outside the company. Those external personnel can be a customer, sponsor, sponsee, someone within your social network or even a competitor.

The company’s identity encompasses the culture plus the value proposition, who you are and what you do as a company. We were able to drive our value proposition, who we are and what we do from our original vision and mission statement.

Zapper Mosquito Controls Identity

Vision: To be the premiere trusted All Natural Mosquito and Outdoor Pest Control Service within our small community.

Value Proposition: We provide an affordable all natural and environmentally friendly service to a small customer base with impeccable customer service.

Who We Are: Veteran owned and operated small business that is committed to supporting our local community.

What We Do: We suppress mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other insects using all natural products that are safe for our families, pets, plants, pollinators and fish, in order to bring outdoor enjoyment back to our community.

Our Culture: Professionals, Community and Family Oriented, Customer Centric, Role Models.

Our Motto: Our Customers are also Our Neighbors.

We believe these variables are the foundation in which we drive the company on a daily basis and set conditions for our 3-5 year plans.

Brannon Swygert


Zapper Mosquito & Outdoor Pest Control

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