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Applying the Marketing Mix (4 Ps) to our Mosquito Control Company

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Our approach to applying the marketing mix (4 Ps) to our Company took some considerable planning and creative thinking. As with all start ups you want to develop your vision for the company first. Both myself and partner are prior military so inevitably the next step for us was to establish our mission statement. These are easy concepts for us and come natural from being senior leaders in the military but the marketing mix is foriegn to us outside of our undergrad degree classes.

The marketing mix is composed of different factors called the 4 Ps, which are Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. The 4 Ps should work together and ultimately tie back to your vision and mission. There will be many internal and external variables that drive your marketing mix. Below is a breakdown in simple terms for each factor within the 4 Ps. These may vary a little different than normal because we adjusted them for our specific company.

  • Product - the service or goods you are providing

  • Price - the price the customer pays plus additional advantages

  • Place - the location you are providing and how you prioritize customers

  • Promotion - How you are marketing (we added our values to our promotion)

We saw benefit just in going through the process to determine the variables of the factors to help drive our vision of the company. It provided a framework for us to ensure we were in line with our vision and goals of the company.

We applied the things that were important to us. Those things included being all natural, environmentally friendly, non toxic and safe for kids, pets and plants. We also wanted to ensure we weren’t harming any bee colonies, butterflies or fish. We are a veteran owned and operated small local businesses. We see our small customer base as an extended family and wanted to provide them the same process and products we use in our on yards. It was important to us to give back to the local community and sponsor local charities and teams within area. In the end, we also wanted to bring a premier all natural product and process to our customers at an affordable price.


Founder and Owner

Zapper Mosquito Control LLC

Pinehurst, NC

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1 Comment

Rebecca Cucura
Rebecca Cucura
Jan 14, 2022

This is a great locally veteran owned company. I used them last year and was happy with results. I'm ready for Spring and ready for Zapper!! I've known the owner for over 10 yrs and he is very dependable and trustworthy. Please support our veterans and local companies.

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