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Zapper Mosquito & Outdoor Pest Control

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Bringing joy and piece of mind back to your property using products that are All Natural, Environmentally Friendly & Non Toxic while providing a safe process for our bees, butterflies and fish.

Zapper Mosquito and Outdoor Pest Control is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Small Businesses in Moore County, NC that provides all natural, environmentally  friendly and non toxic mosquito and pest control. Our process and products are safe around kids, pets and plants, as well as 🐝  🦋  🐟 .

Pollinator Safe


To be the premiere trusted Fully All-Natural Mosquito and Pest Control Service in Moore County. 


Value Proposition: We provide affordable all natural and environmentally friendly pest control that is safe for our kids, pets, plants, and pollinators. We do it with professionalism and impeccable customer service.


Our Cultural Tenets: Professionals, Faith, Family and Community Oriented, Customer Centric, Role Models. 


Our Process

How it works:

  • We conduct a thorough property assessment to determine the cause of the issue​

  • Develop an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with goals of prevention, deterrence and breaking the breeding cycle

  • Identify, advize and/or remove any issues causing breeding

  • Implement program


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Mosquito Control, Veteran, Flea control, Tick Control


Residential and Commercial Available
Our Products are a mix of a proprietary blend of pure oil extracts with a base product of primarily cedar oil. We work with other veteran owned companies to negotiate products so we can provide you the lowest price possible. What makes our pricing different is insects like ants and wasp along with web/nest removal are included in our Integrated Pest Management. Our services are conducted on a more routine basis versus quarterly (at the same cost) to provide a better service and a better connection to you and your property.


We have one of the best retreat rates in the industry at 1.3%. That is around 5% below the average company. Our attention to detail and care are what makes a difference.

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After May Services and

SOF Veteran, Professional, Community & Family Focused





Military Experience: 26 Years (17 years in SOF), Brigade Command Sergeant Major, 8 Deployments, Combat Engineer, Special Operations Civil Affairs

Education: Bachelor of Science in Communications, Master of Science in Management, Harvard Manage Mentor Program Graduate

Technical Certification: Public Health and Core Pest Management, Ground Applicator and Registered Technician Certified by the State of NC.

Customer Reviews

I became a customer late in the season of 2022 and couldn’t be happier. Brannon and Jay are so friendly and professional. It shocks me every time of how quickly they respond to me with any questions I have. They use a natural products that are safe for our dog and plants. Also, this year I asked if they could come early because I was having out of state family come to visit. Even though it was “off cycle” they were so accommodating with a time to come and spray the yard so my family could come and enjoy the outdoors. I would 10/10 recommend.

Lyn P

We switched to Zapper Mosquito Control this year after several years with a competitor. Not only do we have the peace of mind (and for our pets!) that they are using safe, natural deterrents unlike the dangerous chemicals used by the other company, I cannot speak highly enough about how professional and punctual these guys are. They send a text the night before as a reminder and are always on time - it is so refreshing to work with a group that is so professional. On top of that, they're retired military and great guys. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Kevin P

Our yard has been a completely different experience after employing this service. We live not far from Aberdeen lake and the mosquitos used to dive bomb us on the way from the car to the front door. Forget spending time on the porch. The difference has been dramatic since using Zapper. And we love that we don't have to worry about our dogs after they spray because all of their products are non-toxic.

Jessica M

Very professional, excellent service I have butterflies and bees but no mosquitoes. Would highly recommend.

Darlene S

Absolutely the best. Professional, easy to reach, and they get the job done. Best part? No mosquitos.

Lejla S

Best mosquito service!! Super flexible and easy to work with too. We have a lot of water activities and play pools with standing water in our backyard and haven’t had any issue with mosquitos! They are amazing. Highly recommend to anyone in the Sandhills!

Rebecca W

The Zapper Diffrence, Effective communication, Professional, Impeccable customer service
Zapper Jay getting deep into the shrubbery
Spider webs, insects, sweep
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"Our Customers are Our Neighbors"

Community Support/Sponsorship

Our community and charitable organizations are important to us. Below are a few we have contributed to and supported:
- Southern Pines Women's Rugby
- Folds of Honor
- Camp Resiliency
- Task Force Dagger
- Friends of the Aberdeen Library
- Sandhills Classical Center
- Junior League of Moore Co

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Pinehurst, NC, USA


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